Light - The Untold Story

Exposure to the sun and light can affect our health in many ways. Too little or too much light places our health at risk. It is a delicate balance, but one we must get right. That’s why we need to fully switch on when it comes to sun, light, and our health.

For decades, our Light Skin Science team have worked tirelessly to understand the damaging effects of light (UVA/UVB & HEV) on human health. We have pioneered the only pharmaceutical technology to truly protect skin from light, providing systemic photoprotection for people suffering extreme reactions and intolerance to light. Our quest now is to help reduce cases of skin cancer globally by sharing our 25 years of expertise and the untold story about light.

Helping those at Highest Risk

Are you at high risk from light exposure? Our ability to achieve a healthy balance of light exposure relies on many factors including genetics, habits, lifestyle and geographical location. Yet many of us are at high risk and these additional factors can impact our short and long-term skin health. By understanding these factors within our control, we can learn how to manage and reduce our risk of photoageing, DNA damage and skin cancer.

Higher risk groups

Immune Deficient

Around 3% of the global population have a weakened immune system, affecting the body’s ability to repair skin damage caused by light. By understanding the science of immunosuppression, light damage, and photoprotection you can achieve a healthier balance.

Cancer Susceptible

Those of us with a personal or family history of skin cancer have a higher risk of skin cancer than those without. This is often due to a combination of genetics, lifetime exposure to light and UV, and lifestyle. Learning about the full risks to the health of your skin can help you find the right balance when it comes to light exposure.

Outdoor Extremes

Sports, travel, exploration – our desire to compete, take on challenges and experience new things sees us spending more and more time in the great outdoors. The physical and mental health benefits are huge. However, the challenges of global warming and insufficient protection against the sun mean the outdoor adventurer is perhaps at greater risk of skin cancer than ever before. Understanding the full impact of light exposure on your skin, and how to protect yourself, can help you minimise the risks.

Learn more about solar radiation and its impact on your health today.

Photoprotection is the multitude of ways we protect ourselves from solar radiation.

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The science under your skin


Ultraviolet to infrared, light defines humanity’s relationship with the physical world. Beginning its journey over 90 million miles away, sunlight travels through vast swathes of space and finally impacts all of us, penetrating and damaging human skin.


The human body’s barrier to the outside world does so much more than define our appearance. As our body’s largest organ, skin protects us against germs, the cold and, of course, light. It is our natural body armour. Yet every moment of light exposure causes thousands of changes within our skin, placing overall health at risk.


From the fundamentals of physics to the depths of cellular biology, our work stands on the shoulders of giants to help understand how light impacts, reacts, damages, and heals the human body. Light Skin Science is our way of sharing what we have pioneered over many years—scientific knowledge that has a critical impact on your health and your future.